Today is Publication Day!

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Today’s the day! A PENNY FOR THE HANGMAN, my first novel in fourteen years, is officially published today by Alibi, the new e-book line from Random House.

A Penny for the Han#13A688DIt’s been a long time, but I’m pleased to be back among the published. I’m very proud of this novel. Click on the cover picture to find a synopsis of the plot and links to a variety of online sellers. And it’s just $2.99—a bargain!

This is a doubly eventful day for me. This morning I also signed the contracts with Random House for my next novel from Alibi, which I’ve already handed in. I’d tell you the title of this new thriller, but that’s a bit of a mystery at the moment. My original title is probably going to be changed, but I haven’t yet settled on a new one. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone out there enjoys A PENNY FOR THE HANGMAN. If you do, please tell others about it. With all this newfangled technology, word-of-mouth is still the most effective selling tool I know. Help me spread the word. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Today is Publication Day!

  1. I was so excited to know that you were coming out with a new book in October! Yesterday, I went eagerly to the bookstore ready to purchase my new Tom Savage book only to learn that it is only in e-book format. Some of us still prefer the feel of a book in our hands. I am wondering if your new book will be coming out in other formats?

  2. Suzette: Not at the moment. My publisher, Alibi, is Random House’s new Ebook-only line. If Random House releases a print version in the future, I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for visiting my site.

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