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Today is October 6, 2015, and it’s a big one for me. My eighth published novel, Mrs. John Doe, goes on sale today. Does any writer ever get used to pub day? I can’t imagine that. I hope I’m never that jaded.

8_bll2Wow. Eight published novels. It feels good. Of course, my first book arrived in 1993, so that’s eight novels in twenty-two years. But I won’t beat myself up about it. Okay, so I’m not one of those writers who does two books a year, or even one. And I took a long hiatus from publishing, fourteen years…

Oh, wait a minute. Twenty-two minus fourteen is…eight! So I do publish a book a year. Wow.

bookstack-175I’m working on Book Number Nine now, another thriller. But I’ll pause today to look back at the others. There they are, aligned so neatly on my vanity bookshelf above the TV. (Please tell me I’m not the only writer who has a vanity bookshelf!) And not just first editions, but all the foreign versions and audiobooks of each title, so it’s actually two shelves. Oh, look–there I am in Japanese. Spanish. French. Swedish. Greek. Polish. Wait, Polish?! My last two titles have been ebook originals from Penguin Random House/Alibi, so my wonderful editor gave me hard-copy ARCs of them for the vanity shelf. Eight novels. Aren’t they pretty there, in those neat rows? Yes, they’re very pretty…

Okay, enough of this. Happy Pub Day to me. Now, back to number nine. I have a deadline to meet.

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