The Inheritance

Hardcover: Dutton, 1998 ISBN: 0-525-94423-0
Paperback: Signet, 1999 ISBN: 0-451-19848-4
Audio: Recorded Books LLC, 2005 ISBN: 0-7887-5454-8
eBook: Cliffhanger Press, 2013  eISBN: 978-0-9891491-0-5
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With these words, an ordinary young woman is ushered into a strange new world. Yesterday, she was Holly Smith, living a comfortable, middle class life in Southern California. Today, all that has changed. For Holly Smith is actually Holly Randall, born twenty-four years ago to a woman convicted of a heinous crime, and given up for adoption as an infant. Now, the mysterious death of a great aunt she never knew has made Holly one of the richest women in America–and heiress to a magnificent Connecticut estate.

In the beautiful mansion above Long Island Sound, they are waiting for her: Uncle John and his imperious wife, robbed of what they believe to be rightfully theirs; the odd, reclusive great uncle, lost in his faded scrapbooks and disturbing memories of dark family secrets; the troubled young woman who roams the estate, murmuring cryptic warnings; the handsome servants’ son to whom Holly is dangerously attracted; and the silent teenage boy who watches Holly’s every move. But who are her friends and who are her enemies?

For Holly, the answers may come too late. From the moment she crosses the threshold, she sets in motion a series of tragic events that will reveal the true–and terrifying–price of her inheritance. Yesterday, she was Holly Smith. Today, she is Holly Randall. Tomorrow, she may be dead.

Welcome to Randall House.

From its ominous opening pages to its final devastating surprise, The Inheritance will keep you guessing–and gasping–long into the night. With the graceful style, intricate plotting, and relentlessly mounting suspense that are his trademarks, Tom Savage has redefined the classic Gothic mystery.


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“A chilling story, with fiendishly stunning twists that will keep readers mesmerized and reeling. Gothic romance meets suspense thriller in this taut, diabolically clever story. A gripping read in the style of Daphne du Maurier.” — BOOKLIST

“A mesmerizing suspense story which should keep you guessing, breathless and fearful. This is a classic Gothic type of tale, written with elegant prose, graceful style, and wonderful characterizations.” — SULLIVAN COUNTY DEMOCRAT

“A Gothic to end all Gothics, with an unusual twist at the end.” — BOOKNEWS

‘Tom Savage has proved himself the master of the surprise plot twist. It’s all crackling good fun.” — THE PILOT (North Carolina)

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“Savage exhibits skillful craftsmanship here…excellent.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“The ending is an absolute shocker!” — TULSA WORLD

“Tom Savage continues to demonstrate the wonderfully honed sense of plot pacing that is the hallmark of his writing.” — MYSTERY LOVERS BOOKSHOP

“The sense of foreboding and the dark and dire happenings that change the characters forever are brilliantly captured by Tom Savage. This powerhouse writer creates a memorable novel.” — THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW