I’m now on Facebook (Finally!!!)

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A Penny for the Han#13A688DWell, it finally happened. Inevitable, I suppose, but it still feels weird. Yes, folks—I’m on Facebook. That may not sound like a big deal, but anyone who knows me will tell you what a big deal it is for me. I’m very private, and I don’t tend to join things. But with four more backlist titles coming soon as e-books and a brand-new title coming from Random House/Alibi in October, I realized it really was high time I got me a Facebook Author Page. Check it out HERE.

One small step for Man, one giant leap for Tom. I’ll probably have a future post about the death of privacy in America and the world, but for now I just want you all to LIKE ME!!! (It’s addicting, isn’t it, that sudden need to be “liked” on Facebook?) Anyway, you now have two places to learn what’s new with me and my books. Thank you for visiting my site, and feel free to visit me on Facebook. (And don’t forget to LIKE ME!!!)

2 thoughts on “I’m now on Facebook (Finally!!!)

    • So do I! But I’m trying to catch up with the modern world. We’ll see how that goes…

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