My Favorite Ghost Story, Coming Soon On DVD/Blu-ray!

The Uninvited DVDThe Criterion Collection has done it again! This incredible company has been restoring and refurbishing hundreds of American and international films of the past and present, making them available in truly superior DVD/Blu-ray formats. I’ve blogged about them before (they recently released ROSEMARY’S BABY and Hitchcock’s original 1934 version of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH), and I’m sure I will again. This time, the big news from Criterion is the long-awaited (by me and a lot of other people) release of Continue reading

The sincerest form of flattery: 12 Hitchcock homages

It’s no secret that Alfred Hitchcock is my favorite film director, but even I don’t love him as much as his fellow film directors love him. Hollywood has always been famous for following trends and jumping on bandwagons, but rarely has the imitating been more explicit than the long, venerable line of homages to Hitchcock by some of our finest filmmakers. Continue reading

The face in the misty light: Why I love “Laura”

Laura is the face in the misty light,
Footsteps that you hear down the hall,
The laugh that floats on a summer night
That you can never quite recall…

Laura 1944 posterI just watched Laura again, for maybe the hundredth time. It’s one of my favorite films, and my DVD of it gets a workout at least once a year. Pauline Kael, the best film critic ever, called it “everybody’s favorite chic murder mystery.” Watching it this time, I tried to figure out why that is. What is it about this particular film that makes it so popular, and so memorable? Continue reading

My 13 favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies

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Today is August 13, the birthday of Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980). It is the 113th anniversary of his birth, and I’m sure the great man himself would have been amused by the double appearance of that “unlucky” number. By all accounts, he loved things like that. Well, I love his movies, so I’ve selected my 13 favorites of his films for my latest list of Essential Mystery Stuff, a “baker’s dozen” to honor his birthday. In chronological order:

The re-release poster for VERTIGO by the great Saul Bass

The re-release poster for VERTIGO by the great Saul Bass

3. REBECCA (1940)
5. SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) Continue reading