A valentine for “Valentine”

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it’s the first one on which my novel, Valentine, is available as an e-book, and sales at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., have suddenly spiked. It’s gratifying (and a bit worrying) that the book is still popular on the holiday it “celebrates.” It was originally published on Valentine’s Day in 1996, and the 2001 movie version hit the theaters then, too. Every year at this time, you’ll find that movie playing on various cable stations. And now the e-book is continuing the tradition, which makes me very happy. And a little creeped out–who reads serial killer thrillers on the Day of Love?!! Oh, well, I won’t look a gift valentine in the mouth.

Thanks, everyone. And, in the immortal words of my title character, Victor Dimorta: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”