The New Nora Baron Thriller!

Nora Baron’s fourth adventure, The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy, is now available everywhere ebooks are sold. Nora and her husband, Jeff, are on a “second honeymoon” cruise in the Caribbean—but that’s merely their cover. They’re actually on a mission for the CIA, following and observing a shady French business tycoon named Claude Lamont and his mysterious wife, Carmen. The Company is hoping that Lamont will lead Nora and Jeff to his associate, an international terrorist known only as Diablo. When she and Jeff are forced to separate, Nora continues investigating on her own. From Miami to Puerto Rico to Guadeloupe to Martinique, Nora follows the clues to a shocking discovery–and a deadly encounter.

I loved writing this Nora Baron adventure because it’s set in my part of the world. I’m from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, so I know this particular terrain. And I’m excited about the Penguin Random House ad campaign. Here’s the new ad. Enjoy!