Jumbie Tea And Other Things (Collected Stories)

The Collection

eBook: Cliffhanger Press, 2014  eISBN: 978-0-9891491-6-7
Available from Amazon

eBook (title story only): Cliffhanger Press, 2014  eISBN: 978-0-9891491-7-4
Available from Amazon


Two teenagers meet and flirt in the online chatroom, “Cyberdate.com,” where virtual romance can lead to actual danger…

A troubled young woman escapes from a mental facility to hunt down the ex-lover who put her there, intent on showing him “The Method In Her Madness”…

A group of children around a campfire tell the “Rural Legend” of a fictitious local serial killer–who may be more real than they think…

Two Mob hit men take a midnight drive out of Las Vegas, “Rolling The Bones” in the trunk of their car toward a fateful desert confrontation…

A one-eyed Obeah woman in the Virgin Islands serves her special “Jumbie Tea” to a young tourist couple, and all hell breaks loose–literally.

Title Story Only

Title Story Only

Collected here for the first time are seven tales of murder, madness and the macabre from Tom Savage, the acclaimed author of Precipice, Valentine, and A Penny for the Hangman. In these stories, Savage presents the bright surfaces and dark undersides of everyday life as he explores the tense, often violent ways of human nature. And there’s a bonus eighth title, his never-before-published short novel, Arden Court, in which a young concert pianist marries her Prince Charming and moves to the exclusive gated community of her dreams–or, perhaps, her nightmares. The chills just keep coming in these eight gems from a master of suspense, each with its own surprise ending.

The title story of the collection, “Jumbie Tea,” is also available separately from Amazon.