Tracking Changes

I’m about to embark on a strange journey. My first novel in 14 years is about to be published as an e-book original from Random House’s new Alibi imprint, and I’ve just been sent the typeset copy for final review. I’m supposed to make any final changes/edits/etc. on this copy and return it to the publisher so they can make the ebooks.

So far, so good, right? But. Continue reading

Oldies But Goodies: Alistair MacLean and Mary Stewart

As much as I enjoy finding new mystery and suspense authors, there’s nothing quite like revisiting old friends. I recently reread several titles of two favorite authors who dominated the bestseller lists back in the Stone Age, when I was a teen dreaming of someday being a writer. Is it any wonder that they both had an enormous influence on my own, personal style as it evolved? Continue reading

They’re Back!

Okay, the Great Ebook Vanishing Crisis is over. As of today, PRECIPICE and VALENTINE are back up and open for business at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. And a good thing, too–all the national print and online ads for them have just hit the street. Yay!

The Case of the Vanishing Titles!

Oops! Two of my ebooks, PRECIPICE and VALENTINE, have just been taken down from all seller websites–just as the new online and print ads for them are arriving everywhere! Ugh!!! My contract with the company that did them ended this week, and I decided not to renew it. I’m handling them myself now, and they’re being updated, so it’ll be a few days before they’re back on sale at Amazon, B&N, etc. Bear with me, and have a happy (very rare) double holiday–Thanksgiving and Hannukah! I’ll let everyone know as soon as these ebooks are available again.