Sisters In Crime SinC-up: A Brother’s Perspective

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September is Blog SinC-up month at Sisters in Crime — SinC-up, get it? For those who don’t know, Sisters In Crime is our most prominent society of professional women crime writers. I’ve been “tagged” by the last author in the sync-up chain, S. J. Rozan–even though I’m not technically a Sister In Crime cuz I’m a guy. But that makes me uniquely qualified to say what I want to say here. The way this “SinC-up” works is that I answer my choice of these seven questions: Continue reading

Tracking Changes

I’m about to embark on a strange journey. My first novel in 14 years is about to be published as an e-book original from Random House’s new Alibi imprint, and I’ve just been sent the typeset copy for final review. I’m supposed to make any final changes/edits/etc. on this copy and return it to the publisher so they can make the ebooks.

So far, so good, right? But. Continue reading