Bloody Murder: Voices from the Margins

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I didn’t attend Bouchercon this year, but I was there in spirit, thanks to a new program there and the kindness of a fellow writer. The convention of mystery writers and fans in Long Beach, California, last weekend involved a lot of panel discussions and at least three major awards ceremonies. The event that sounded the most intriguing to me was a new idea this year.

Bloody Murder: Voices from the Margins was a sort of extended panel that included 48 attendees, hosted by Sara Paretsky and Charlaine Harris. Each of the 48 (mostly) writers named a mystery writer they think has been marginalized, either a golden oldie lost to time or a current author who is not as widely known as they might be. Everyone came up with some really intriguing names, and one of them was mine.

The Panel Photo by Kristopher Zgorski

Photo by Kristopher Zgorski

Yes, folks, Yours Truly is a Voice from the Margin, and I was selected and mentioned by the wonderful Wendy Corsi Staub, no less. It’s always lovely to learn that people are thinking of you, and being mentioned by one of my favorite colleagues is a particular honor.

This event is a great idea–not just because I was included in it, but because lists such as this one can help serious mystery readers find new authors to try. I hope it becomes a staple at future Bouchercons. The initial list is a terrific mix of classic and contemporary authors, and you can read it on the Mystery Writers of America website, here.

Thanks for the shout-out, Wendy, and thanks to Sara, Charlaine, and all the participants. And a special thanks to Margery Flax and Clare O’Donohue for compiling this list for everyone to see and enjoy. Happy reading!

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  1. This really rang a bell with me …. as this fall I’ve been going back to writers of legal mysteries a couple of decades ago – and devouring their books like freshly-made chocolate candy! Steve Martini, William Bernhardt, Phil Margolin, — to name a few, names that were wildly popular a few years ago. !

  2. I follow a lot of authors, including you so I can follow the authors I like as well as find out new authors. Thanks

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