My interview on

My first interview in 10 years is on Lisa Greer’s wonderful Gothicked¬†blog. Lisa is an author of Gothic and romantic suspense novels (her website is here), and she also runs this terrific blog for everyone who’s interested in the Gothic style of mystery. Since most of my books fall into that general category, she invited me over for a Q&A session. You can read it here.

Riding out the storm

DATELINE: Greenwich Village, New York, Thursday, November 1, 2012

It is now three days since Hurricane Sandy, and three days since the lights went out. I am wriiting this post by candlelight, which isn’t as horrible as it may seem. It’s actually rather pleasant. Any writer who’s never written this way is missing a marvelous opportunity to imagine she or he is Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, and what writer wouldn’t want to be one of them?

The storm has come and gone, and we are only now beginning to learn the extent of the damage. Continue reading