The face in the misty light: Why I love “Laura”

Laura 1944 posterI just watched Laura again, for maybe the hundredth time. It’s one of my favorite films, and my DVD of it gets a workout at least once a year. Pauline Kael, the best film critic ever, called it “everybody’s favorite chic murder mystery.” Watching it this time, I tried to figure out why that is. What is it about this particular film that makes it so popular, and so memorable? Continue reading

A birthday vow

Today is my birthday. (Old family joke: “Tom was born on Labor Day…but, then again, wasn’t everybody?!”) I know it’s the usual custom to make a birthday wish, but I’m through with wishing. When you get to a certain age (and I’m there, folks), you stop wishing for things and begin vowing them. There isn’t all that much time for wishing anymore, you know? ┬áSo, in that spirit, I hereby vow Continue reading